Jordanian International Schools
Admission Criteria
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  • Students will first be interviewed by the appropriate stage principal.
  • Students must then pass the placement test to determine the student's academic level and ability to cope with the level at our school.
  • The student should supply the school with school certificates for the two previous years duely notified.
  • If a student is admitted, he/she must abide by all the school rules and regulations.
The applicant must submit the following documents to the Admissions Department immediately after he/she is notified of his/her provisional acceptance: 
  1. Photocopy of the Family Book with National Registration Number.
  2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate, authenticated by the Civil Registration Department.
  3. Three colored passport-sized photographs of the student.
  4. All his/her records, reports and recommendations from schools previously attended.
  5. Transfer Certificate from the last school attended, authenticated by the Ministry of Education.
  6. Valid residence permit and photocopy of passport (in respect to non-Jordanians). 

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