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Jordanian International Schools was established in 1992, located in Tla’a Al-Ali, Usamah Bin Munqeth Street. Since JIS was founded, we have been committed to academic excellence and dedicated to promoting lifelong learning. We pride ourselves in providing the SAT, IGCSE and A-level programmes to our students besides the National Curriculum that is taught in grades one to twelve. In addition to this, we offer the Cambridge Checkpoint tests for English, Mathematics and Science for both Primary and lower Secondary students.

 We will continuously ensure and improve the quality of our teaching through on-going development of our skills as educators and by responding to feedback from students' evaluations. When planning and conducting educational activities, we recognize our students’ interests and needs to provide learning opportunities in every activity.

JIS provides developed standards and programs of education (IG and SAT) where English Language is the medium of instruction within parameters established by the quality standards of Accreditation International (AI), and the Ministry of Education of Jordan. 

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