•    Excellent transportation service for students between home and school.
•    Fleet of 27 modern air-conditioned buses.
•    Drivers carefully selected according to strict criteria to ensure the safety and comfort of students.
•    Bus routes cover different areas of the capital, meeting the transportation needs of students throughout the city.
•    Qualified chaperones accompany students on their journeys to ensure their safety.


Good health in schools is an investment in the future. The health of children and adolescents is crucial for the formation of a healthy social and economic fabric in society. Emphasizing and focusing on school health services helps decision-makers and the community contribute to lifelong health development, addressing numerous challenges. These services and programs are designed not only to impact the students' health but also to enhance the health of the environment in which they live and learn. Our primary goal is for all children and youth to live a healthy and active life.

This is where the role of the medical clinics at Jordanian International Schools comes in. The clinics have a dedicated general practitioner tailored to the school's needs, conducting examinations, diagnosing conditions, and providing treatment. The nursing department includes qualified nurses to handle emergency cases, administer first aid to students, and care for them before and after examination by the doctor. The clinics are equipped with all necessary medical equipment and medications to provide high-quality health care to students. They offer various services, including:

Physical and mental health care for students.
Comprehensive periodic examinations to ensure students' health and safety.
Handling emergency medical cases such as injuries, bruises, seasonal illnesses, etc., and referring what is necessary to the hospital for further treatment.
Monitoring students with chronic health problems, taking necessary actions as needed, and communicating with their parents about the development of their medical conditions in a systematic manner.
Monitoring and coordinating the administration of vaccinations within the Jordanian Ministry of Health program.
Health education on general health and safety.
Our mission is that our students and their health are the top priority, and our goal is to provide the healthcare our children need.



Jordanian International Schools Library

Jordanian International Schools (JIS) believe in the importance of reading and writing in developing students' minds and expanding their horizons to the world. For this reason, JIS has established two well-equipped libraries, one in the National section and the other in the International section.

The school libraries feature a wide and exciting collection of literary, historical, technical, and reference works in Arabic, English, and French. The library collection, selected to support both curricular and recreational aspects, includes over nine thousand books, DVDs, CDs, electronic books, as well as a large audiovisual collection covering various subjects and academic levels. In one section of the library, there are computer stations for electronic research, and a round hall with tables and comfortable places for students to encourage reading and studying, providing a quiet study atmosphere and fostering a love for books and literature.

Library staff provides assistance to students in finding the books and information they need. The libraries also organize various activities to encourage students to read, such as the Jordanian International Schools Morning Reading Club, reading competitions, storytelling hours, and meetings with authors.

JIS believes that reading is the key to lifelong learning, and libraries play a crucial role in cultivating students' love for reading.

Science Labs

Science Laboratories at Jordanian International Schools

Jordanian International Schools (JIS) believe that science is a fundamental element in comprehensive student education. Through hands-on learning in our advanced science laboratories, our students develop a deep understanding of the world around them and become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Jordanian International Schools have three well-equipped science laboratories with the latest devices, tools, and laboratory equipment, along with complete general safety measures, in both the international and national sections.

Chemistry Laboratory:
In the chemistry laboratory, students learn about the composition of matter and its reactions. They conduct experiments on a variety of chemicals and learn how to use laboratory equipment safely and effectively.
Biology Laboratory:
In the biology laboratory, students explore the world of living organisms, studying the structure and functions of plants and animals, and learning about the biological processes that support life.
Physics Laboratory:
In the physics laboratory, students investigate the laws of nature governing the universe. They conduct experiments on force, motion, energy, magnetism, and electricity.
Our experienced and highly qualified staff is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience for our students. They offer the guidance and support needed for students to succeed in the field of science.

Swimming Pool

In the ongoing commitment to providing a safe and comfortable environment to enhance the student experience, the swimming pool at Jordanian International Schools is a true embodiment of luxury and advanced technology.

The swimming pool at Jordanian International Schools is equipped with the latest sanitization and heating systems, contributing to ensuring high cleanliness standards and maintaining the ideal water temperature throughout the year. The pool enjoys all the modern equipment and facilities that contribute to providing a comfortable and safe swimming experience for students.

The equipment and systems in the swimming pool undergo regular maintenance to preserve their efficiency and effectiveness. The swimming pool is cleaned regularly, and water is continuously sanitized to ensure the highest cleanliness standards.

Providing a modern pool is one of the goals of Jordanian International Schools to create an ideal environment for developing students' swimming skills and promoting physical fitness.

Playgrounds and Sports Halls

In the commitment to enhance the vibrant and healthy lifestyle of students, Jordanian International Schools feature a range of integrated sports facilities. The sports fields are the lively heart of this environment, with two football fields and two basketball courts allowing students to pursue their passion for sports and develop their skills in a motivating environment.

As for the indoor sports halls within the school, they constitute an essential hub for sports activities, offering a variety of sports to stimulate physical activity and enhance students' fitness. The indoor sports hall provides additional opportunities to diversify activities and training, especially when weather conditions do not permit outdoor events.

In the pursuit of excellence, the International School boasts a large sports hall in the international section, equipped with the latest technologies and facilities. This hall is dedicated to providing an educational environment that elevates students' athletic performance, teaching and developing their skills comprehensively.


In the heart of the Jordanian International Schools campus, there are two rooms dedicated to creativity and art: Princess Basma Theater and Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Hamouri Theater. Each theater has its own unique character and provides an ideal environment for hosting cultural and artistic events and performances.

Princess Basma Theater reflects a spirit of life and dynamism, making it the perfect venue for cultural performances and small workshops that encourage interaction and active participation.

Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Hamouri Theater, which is characterized by its elegance and sophistication, hosts official events and large performances, adding extra dimensions of importance and attractiveness to these events.

These spaces reflect our commitment to providing a comprehensive creative environment within the school campus that contributes to the development of students' skills and enhances their educational experience.