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Secondary ( 9 - 12 )

At Jordanian International Schools, we believe that education has no limits. The secondary school section is a complementary building block in our journey, providing a safe academic and educational haven for our dear students.

In this section, students receive all the knowledge and culture they need, alongside the values system that the school emphasizes and commits to with its students.

The secondary school section is keen to develop the requirements of future national development in a way that suits their interests and abilities, providing them with the modern skills and competencies that will help them prepare for life, complete their post-secondary education, and give them the opportunity to participate in the labor market.

The secondary school section at Jordanian International Schools includes grades from seventh grade to twelfth grade in both the literary and scientific streams.

This section is distinguished by many aspects that aim to improve students and achieve the educational process, the most important of which are:

Academic Aspect:

A highly experienced teaching staff trained in modern teaching strategies.
Focus on languages, especially English and French, by teaching modern and developed curricula.
Special attention to high school students by providing a highly qualified teaching staff, which is reflected in the high percentages in the high school results annually and regularly.
Special attention to following up students who suffer from weaknesses in certain aspects through a reinforcement program and a plan developed by the subject coordinators.
Keenness to motivate students to participate in the Ministry of Education's periodic competitions.
Continuous communication with parents through the b12 application or by phone, in the best interest of the students.
Implementation of the entrepreneurship education program for eighth grade students.
Logistic Aspect:

Because Jordanian International Schools is keen to provide a fertile, balanced, and purposeful environment to provide scientific benefit and achieve the desired goals, the secondary school section provides its students with the following appropriate educational services:

A well-equipped medical clinic with a resident doctor and nurse.
The presence of qualified and trained female workers to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.
Providing a modern air conditioning system.
Surveillance cameras in all classrooms, all corridors, facilities, and monitoring by officials.
The guidance department is responsible for holding health awareness and social lectures.
Following up on absent students by direct communication with parents.
Providing the department with public facilities, science and computer labs, libraries, in addition to interactive smart boards and internet service that will improve the quality and efficiency of education.

The applicant must submit the following documents to the Admissions Department immediately after he/she is notified of his/her :