Posted on: Thu, 12/29/2022 - 11:03 By: admin
Jumana Abu-hijleh

“With the issuance of this JIS Website, I first appointed you as the General Director of the Jordanian International Schools, which I had the honor to manage. More progress and success, and our belief that education guards the country as a regular army ready to face adversity; During the thirty years of its career, the Jordanian International Schools have been keen to achieve achievements that they are proud of, embodying the activity and efforts made by its family and management that exceeded what was planned. Today, we continue to strive to develop specialized academic programs in various fields of knowledge, which together constitute A fertile tributary for our dear students.

Today, our schools have become competing with major international schools, based on their vision and mission, which were affirmed and followed by our distinguished teachers, to adopt a new building block every year. These building blocks produced a solid generation capable of melting challenges through our relentless pursuit of establishing a culture of leadership and innovation and adopting non-traditional methods of education that are in line with the changes of the era. post millennium.

It is a noble mission to be the guardians of our students, with our firm belief that they become beacons that the nation abounds with. They rejoice in a future full of hope and light.

our graduates,

I greet you with affection, and I wish you success, and I ask God Almighty to bless you with this success, and that your coming days will be good seasons for your family, your country, and your great dreams. You, the graduates of Jordanian international schools, and those on whom we count and the country count, have the right to dream and look forward to a better tomorrow, and a future Bright crowned with giving and dedication.

And we, in the Jordanian International Schools, will remain loyal to our students and their honorable families by making every effort to provide all means to advance them, with them, and for them towards excellence and prosperity.“