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In this critical stage of our children’s lives, we strive to instill a life- long love for learning, in addition to strong morals and ethics. We believe that at the end of this transitional stage, our students should walk away with standards that will serve them for life.
Our primary school has been equipped with all the necessities that students might need from its own canteen, dining hall, library, to its own computer labs, music room and video room. 
In our quest to provide our students with the latest in teaching technologies, our classrooms encompass the most up-to –date computers connected to smart boards allowing teachers to liven up the class with sounds, colours and images.
The use of the smart board also facilitates the retrieval of information for future use and reference.
At JIS, the learning of both Arabic and English is equally emphasized, giving our students the opportunity to practise the use of both languages with ease.
The Ministry of Education curriculum is taught in all grades; however, the curriculum is enriched by our own supplementary material. In preparing our students for their future role in society, we allow them to broaden their skills by teaching them extra subjects such as computer, math, science and French.

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