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Admission to the school is selective and is based on previous school records, JIS placement tests, a personal interview with the applicant and his/her family, and availability of places.


Admission tests and interviews for all grades are designed to ascertain that the applicant has the skills in Mathematics and in both languages of instruction to allow him/her to cope with the demands of following the National/ International (CP & IGCSE) curriculum and participate in the life of the school.


The school reserves the right to contact an applicant’s previous school(s) and request confidential references. Interviews are the governing factors for admission in the Kindergarten.


In cases where the number of applications exceeds the places available at a given grade level, applicants are placed on a waiting list in order of date of application, with priority set as per the Admissions Department's policies.

For further questions, please contact the School Admissions Department .

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