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JIS has three well-equipped libraries. They help the students to read and research.


The Libraries kick off every fall with our Annual Book Fair. 


KG Library



A beautiful, well-stocked library containing colorful children’s books, DVDs and puzzles all of which encourage students to make reading part of their daily habits.

Regular library visits are scheduled for each class, and students are allowed to borrow books and take them home as well.

Interactive white boards are used for different educational activities.


Primary Library


The Primary Library is a colorful and creative hub of energy and activity. Children are introduced to reading, appreciation of books and a true love of the written word (in both English and Arabic) are instilled here. Classes and library lessons are carefully planned through weekly lessons schedule.



Secondary Library



The Secondary Library serves Grades 6 through 12. The large library area is about 380 meters; it has 2 computers for public use, Wi-Fi to support student devices, 40 seats for quiet reading and research. The vast collection consists of 10000 books in the three languages, including English, Arabic, and French, references, atlases, fiction, non-fiction, and professional resources can all be found here.

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